20 Aug 2020

Despite Covid 19 interrupting our client operations, we endeavored to provide our services as normal. As our quarterly staff awards were put on hold last quarter, we are pleased to advise that we are now making six awards. Each recipient reflects one of our values of Customer Centred, Trustworthy and Dynamic.

Ricky Wright, Customer Centred: for going out of his way to help others, a continual positive presence in the stores and always helping when needed, not least of all in issuing and managing PPE in the last four months.

Lynn Gamble, Trustworthy – Lynn does her utmost to resolve Tenant issues out at the point of contact as well as training and assisting with the new Republic of Ireland operations.

Nigel Walker, Dynamic – a problem solver who carefully plans his work ahead, ensures that he has the right materials and tools for the job.

Jimmy McGouran, Trustworthy – Jimmy has an incredibly flexible approach to his work, assisting the team when needed and always keen to help out.

Chris Livingstone, Customer Centred –Chris is another member of our team that has shown flexibility in the last three months in particular with assistance on voids and planned works.

Graham Barber, Trustworthy – always keen to assist, making himself available and keen to help during the pandemic.

Many of those listed above received more than one nomination from their colleagues and their efforts are greatly appreciated.

Congratulations to all those named above, but just as importantly we want to acknowledge the efforts of our entire Choice Services Team, who have risen to the challenge and provided an excellent service to our tenants and the Choice Group.